Monochrome Madness

Hello there Ladies – Lovely to be chatting with you again. It is once again that time of the month…..yes the That Craft Place Challenge and this time the challenge is Monochrome… I intended to try and do a second card but unfortunately I went out with my husband last night for a rare night out together. I think the last time we managed to get out together was February!!!!  Anyway, I am afraid I am a little worse for wear today. I ask no sympathy as it was totally self inflicted, but I have not been good all day. I am taking that as a positive as I understand that if I felt good the morning after drinking it can imply that I am accustomed to that level of alcohol….the way I feel today I don’t think ANYONE could get accustomed to that much alcohol!!!!!   That explanation is my way of apologising for this post being late too……

Okay onto my DT piece for That Craft Place challenge.  The theme is Monochromatic so that meant my colour palette was severely curbed, and I really wanted to try and make a Christmas card as I am falling behind with those too….so here is my card….


The Card stock is all Bazzill and the shapes are created using the fabulous Spellbinders Bracket borders 1 – I remember ordering these from Lisa at That Craft Place and being soooooo excited when they arrived!!! They are brilliant!

So Ladies – remember to give Lisa and the Crew a shout when looking for the right supplies for your Monochrome project – They are always delighted to help out at That Craft Place!  and why not upload your finished project to That Craft Place blog and share it with us all?

Until next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx














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