Oh, Baby…..!


I am hopefully going to amaze myself with this post!   Usually I am writing and posting this fortnightly at around midnight before it is due to be published on the Sunday morning….but today is Thursday! Yep – out of sync and what is more I WONT EVEN BE HOME!!!!   I am heading to Aberdeen in the morning (Friday) to meet up with a load of crafting pals for a full days crafting on Saturday. Now I live down in Cumbria so I am heading up to Glasgow Friday to meet up with my good friend Moni and we are then heading up together on  the train to Aberdeen. When we get there we will meet up with another friend before all heading to the venue.  Now I am quite excited about this as I am teaching at this event and have spent the last few weeks prepping three projects and kits for 36 ladies. I am also incredibly nervous.

You can see how it all went by visiting my sister blog, http://www.Stampdelicious.com after wednesday. I will take some picture and post them across there so you can see how much fun we had.

To today’s (Sunday) challenge for That Craft Place…..It’s all about Baby’s……now my babies are all grown up – 15 and 21 years old and we aren’t in that group where our children and their pals are having babies just yet either so I rarely make a baby card…and yet i think I have made around a dozen this year!!!

I am hosting this challenge for Lisa and would love it if you would take part and share your Baby makes……here’s mine….IMG_2813wtmk

I do hope that you will join us – and if you need any items to create your own ‘Baby” challenge project, or indeed make a card for someone special – please head along to That Craft Place where Lisa Danny and Lynn will be delighted to help you choose.  Remember That Craft Place is also on Facebook!

I look forward to seeing you there…..xxx
















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