St. Georges Day…a day for dragons…

Good Morning Ladies, How are you doing today?  We have lovely weather – cool but bright and sunny, such a welcome change from the rain which seems to have lasted FOREVER!!! Hopefully we have seen the last of that and can move forward into spring with the water table topped up and our gardens looking lush and fresh!

Talking of spring yesterday was St George’s day!!! First day of Spring – my Mum’s birthday, I miss her very much – but a day of joy and I know my Mum would have loved to see my garden which is full of snowdrops, crocus’s and daffy’s starting to come out, my Mum’s favourite were Jonquill’s.  St George’s day is is not really celebrated here in the UK which is a shame but I am bringing you a card which is totally St George’s…featuring a dragon…

photo 11

The image comes from Ditzie Digi Designs (Link Here) who is sponsoring the challenge this time over at That Craft Place (Link Here). There are some amazing digi designs over there which you will find featured on here over the coming months….and lots more int he pipeline too!!!

The image here was coloured with Coloursoft pencils on Kraft and I sprinkled some Frantage over it, the paper and ribbons were in my stash but pretty much everything came form That Craft Place – I know that they also do the Polychromos pencils which are similar to the Coloursoft as a wax based pencil but with lots of vibrancy! Head over and chat with the guys there, they will help you find what you are looking for!

Until next time remember to stamp your place in the world! xxxx

PS – my good friend Susan Moffat has just pointed out to me that yesterday was actually St Davids day and NOT St Georges day as I have written above….That’ll be why we dont really celebrate St Georges Day – cos I clearly dont know when it is!!!!   It’s 23rd April 2014 – which was my Nanna’s birthday so I really should know better!!!! Right away to confuse myself some more….xxxx


2 thoughts on “St. Georges Day…a day for dragons…

  1. Lol, could happen to any of us Lorraine! At least we have the lovely Susan to keep us all in order. Fabulouscard, on the bright side, at least you are getting ahead 😉 Enjoy your weekend xx

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