Trudie’s Birthday Blog Hop!

So it is my crafty friend Trudies 40th Birthday and some of us got together to wish her the most wonderful day!  and I hope it is wonderful for you Trudie…now lets see what is in store for you…
We got ourselves organised into a blog hop so that you get to see LOADS of amazing cards on this very special day….
This is mine and you can follow the blog hop below by clicking the names and following the brilliant birthday greetings:
Happy 40th Birthday Trudie
Here is your blog hop
we adore you to bits and wanted to share the love with you
Have an amazing day love from us all
Lorraine (this is where you are starting from)
So until next time….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUDIE ….and remember to stamp your place in the world! xxxx


6 thoughts on “Trudie’s Birthday Blog Hop!

  1. A really stunning card that created the mystery of birthday morning! Lol! Guess who forgot to sign it! Lol! Really a beautiful card that made Graham embark on some detective work in order to find its creator! Thank you so much Lorraine xxxxx

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