So it’s been a while…..

It has been a while….and frankly I don’t quite know where to start!  I am always ‘wanting’ to post but never seem to find that minute in which to sit and write. I would love to be one of those uber organised mom’s, but I guess I am just not. I do have an organiser….but it has a lot of blank pages! Mind you, I am constantly busy! My boys – who are no longer small – seem to take up just as much of my time as when they were toddlers.

So, what you are really here for is not to hear me waffle on but to see what I have been making, and with have an ounce of luck, be inspired by something I have made….at the very least find out where I got my crafty items from….

I think the simplest might be to spread my makes over a couple of posts. So my first up is my most recent make…..This is a piece which came as brown board ready for painting or covering etc.  First of all I coated this with gesso, soft blue chalk paint, crackle paint and then white chalk paint, drying between each coat. I lightly sanded the edges to give a vaguely aged look, then added die cuts and coated every where with satin varnish! I hope you like my lovely new flower storage drawers…..Everything including the drawer storage available from THAT CRAFT PLACE…of course! (link here –

103 104 105 106 107

Look out for those flowers coming on a project very soon….

Right – I will leave this one here for now and post again very very soon….until then….remember to stamp your place in the world! xxxx


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