Something a little different this time….

So I have something a little different for you today…

Some of you will know that I have a had a brush with cancer this year….this is not to be flippant about cancer in any way but I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in March. Now this was both terrifying and okay both at the same time. Thyroid cancer is rare – around 2000 people diagnosed with it each year – and like most cancers comes in four types.  I am VERY fortunate to have been diagnosed with the type which has a 97% recovery rate. I have had an operation to have most of my thyroid removed and, again very fortunately, need no further treatment. As I said, a brush with cancer – my prognosis is excellent.

This all made me think life over – and I came to the conclusion that I was not as happy as I could be. I love crafting, I love making things, I love seeing things I have made being used. I was in a job  where I was sat in an office stuffed people – a big and airy one admittedly, but I was unhappy. I hated that I couldn’t see out of the windows at the world – the majority of staff would drop the blinds and block out the day….

After a bit of soul searching and a chat with MB (My Beloved for those who don’t know…) we decided that it might be better for me, for us as a couple and for us as a household if I ‘retire’. That is what I have done.  Now this isn’t quite what it seems because we have a son heading off to University in October and so still have financial ‘requirements’. So what would I do to contribute….Well I thought I would do stuff that I love to do  – craft, make things and see if anyone wants to buy them.  Stanwix Country Crafts was born.

Here is my first proper ‘make’ for Stanwix Country Crafts…..IMG_8026

This is a handmade quilt – it is my very first and I am thrilled about it…But it is for sale….

My next make was something I have been after for a while – an old fashioned wrap around apron – this is my updated version… comes in all sizes and can even be made as a childrens’ version in childrens’ material.


IMG_8039(Yes that is me modelling the wraparound apron and I have photoshopped my scar from my thyroid op out – it is still looking a little obvious and I didnt want to offend anyone).

I will be adding more makes on here and on Stanwix Country Crafts and all things I add will be for sale or can be ordered – even the cards are for sale…so don’t hesitate to get in touch…

Stanwix Country Crafts is primarily on FaceBook for the moment – Link Here – but will be launching it’s own site in the next couple of weeks so please watch this space….Next up will be Santa Stockings for ordering for Christmas….

Until next time remember to stamp your place in the world. xxx



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